Sara Minges, M.S. (a.k.a. "Queen of the Short Poem") is an Award Nominated Poet, Speaker, and Author based in the Kansas City area. 

Sara is also a former play therapist and Founder of Wonder Woman Rising, helping women let go of shame and self-loathing by empowering them to love their imperfections, own their lassos of truth, share their stories and create their own superhero endings.  

Sara is an expert on vulnerability, overcoming failure and loving the person you are, not whom others want you to be.  

Sara's bared her soul in back-alley bars, bohemian bookstores, coffee shops, wineries an art galleries in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Minneapolis, Ohio, and Tennessee.  Her poems are raw, relatable, relevant and come straight from the heart.  She'll make you laugh out loud, cry, scream and make you want to hug your mama, sometimes all at once.  

Sara's 3rd collection of poetry, "Whiskey Sweet" is fortchoming in May, 2021 by Dark Heart Press.  To book Sara for your next virtual or in-person event, send an email to  


"My desire to inspire is bigger

than my fear of failure".

-Sara Minges, M.S.