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2023 Poetry and Life Coaching Updates!

Hello 2023! Thanks for your patience as gets a facelift! Somehow I've managed to devote some time to updating the site and I'm excited by the transformation. For the newbies, my name is Sara!

I have several passion projects and interests... sometimes they overlap in the most amazing ways! I'm a touring poet, life coach speaker and author. I'm also a former therapist, turned life coach, and have worked with Lady Gaga's Foundation and NAMI.

Okay, I was a life coach long before I started graduate school, but it rolls off the tongue easier than saying I was a life coach, then went to graduate school to become a therapist, worked in my own practice for 10 years, gave up therapy to focus on life coaching, consultation and mentorship services, travel the world, and write poetry and life coaching books.

So... is the one stop shop for EVERYTHING! Poetry tour dates, workshops, tips on getting your book published, specialized life coaching services for parents and families (Playful Awareness) and anti-diet and empowerment coaching for women (Wonder Woman Rising).

Here's a few things to note:

  1. Separate pages for Playful Awareness (coming soon) and Wonder Woman Rising.

  2. Info about the Naked Toes Poetry Show hosted by me.

  3. Poem page coming soon! Including poems from all 4 books.

  4. Blog posts related to poetry, publishing, purging perfectionism, loving yourself, and reclaiming your personal power.

  5. Donations page! Donations allow me to offer pro bono coaching services, offer free services and workshops to nonprofits, pay poets featuring at my show, and help fund the cost of book tours.

  6. 2023 performance and book tour dates.

If you are a poet or helping professional and would like to be featured on the blog, send an email to

Naked Toes Poetry Show is on 2nd Tuesdays, 6-8pm, at Madtown Coffee, 516 Gallatin Pike South, Madison, TN, 37115. Our feature is Silence Wordsmith. For more information, go over to Facebook for her artist bio.

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