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5 Tips for Creating a "Champagne-Filled Joyful Life"

Sunday mimosas and brunch with my "besties" at Chez Elle is one of my favorite weekend activities. I've long believed happy hours and ladies brunches are therapy for the feminine soul. Life often demands we put on big girl pants, compete with others and show just how competent, capable and "above-average" we really are. Girlfriend brunch dates allow us to reconnect with feminine energy and let our hair down, reconnecting with our authentic selves.

Mimosas are a perfect blend of sweet citrus and grandeur, elegance and luxury, designed to be sipped and savored. For centuries, champagne has been used to symbolize wealth, luxury, abundance and overflowing joy, representing the finer things in life, the drink of royalty. A glass of champagne represents a life of overflowing joy

As women, we aspire to lead joyful, connected lives, yet we are often our own worst critic, harshly judging ourselves or living in fear of not being perfect enough or others discovering our flaws and thinking us weak or less than. We strive for prosperity, yet many of us may not have learned skills necessary for financial abundance. Money doesn't buy happiness but it does provide opportunities for travel and living a lifestyle rich with joyous, fulfilling experiences.

Here are a few useful tips for creating joyful, "champagne-flowing abundant lives.

1. Give Yourself Permission to Enjoy Wealth and Abundance.

Wealth is not intended to be avoided or considered evil. It is the vessel that allows our life dreams to become reality, to live a joyful, happy life. Money can provide freedom from financial worry, create memorable family travel experiences or pay for services to pamper ourselves.

2. Develop a Goddess Mindset

Goddesses believe by birth, they are destined to be great, wielding beauty, strength and cunning like a powerful sword, loving and embracing their superhuman gifts.

3. Say No to Starbucks and Yes to Aldi's K-Cups. Earning more and spending less is the key to financial wealth. Grande frappuccinos at Starbucks cost $5.50, give or take some change. A box of 12 K-Cups at Aldi's are $4.00. Limit those Starbucks runs to once a month in favor of a Caramel Lattee K-cup and you will be much closer to that new pair of shoes, summer cruise or massage you are craving.

4. Rewrite Your Life Story.

Failing gracefully is the #1 most valuable lesson learned by successful people. Failures are really just opportunities to do it better the next time. They are life lessons in getting back up, no matter how often you get knocked down. Will your story be one of tragedy or triumph. Stores we tell ourselves matter. Make yours a bestseller!

Sara Minges, M.S. Sara is a life coach with 17 years experience helping women let go of perfectionism and feeling unworthy of love by redefining their life story and embracing their superpowers to create a life they love. She has been a featured guest on MBZ, 41 Action News, Better Kansas City, KC Live and Fox 4 News.

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