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Crushed Red Velvet - a Poem


It's sort of always there,

bits I can't break apart, swallow, digest,


leave behind.

Time makes the pieces shrink, growing smaller and smaller each week. Remnants still remain,

In the beginning, he was sugary sweet like the cream cheese frosting he made from scratch; mixed

with moist velvet cake,

dressed in red.

Later, his touches were toxic, like cyanide I had always tried to avoid. Progressing day by day, until the day his right fist

was raised, stopping inches

from my delicate cheekbone.

Sara Minges, Whiskey Sweet, 2021, Alien Buddha Press

Sara Minges is a Global Speaker, Spoken Word Poet, 3x Author and Founder of Wonder Woman Rising. She helps women let go of toxic relationships, love themselves inside and out, and embrace their inner "Wonder Woman". For more information about Sara and her services, check out Wonder Woman Rising and Playful Awareness.

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