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My Fight With Barbie - A Poem

Poetry is a safe, cozy way of saying with words things we are afraid to admit or say out loud. In 2014, I wrote the poem, My Fight With Barbie" inspired by my clients' weight loss, dieting, and self-love struggles.

My Fight With Barbie

Barbie and I had a fight last night...

She is tired of being silent

But thinks admiration ain't so bad.

Me, I am tired of being compared

to her too perfect, hourglass figure

impossible to replicate.

So I fall short, where she soars.

Still, I think I prefer to keep my voice

Instead of being plastic, silenced.

Sara Minges is an Award Nominated Poet, Global Speaker, Anti-Diet Coach for Women, Founder of Wonder Woman Rising, and Creator of “The Goddess Plan.“ Sara is also the host of BOLD, BRAVE POETRY monthly open mic series in Nashville, TN. Her 4th full length collection of poetry, “How to Fight Barbie… and Win” is forthcoming through Alien Buddha Press.

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