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Nashville's Bold, Brave Poetry Debut

Nashville has a new poetry show in town! Located at Madtown Coffee House in Madison, TN, just a couple of miles from East Nashville on Gallatin Pike South, we meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 6-8pm.

Bring Your Confessional Poems!

Bold, Brave Poetry is a bit different from other poetry shows you may have attended around town. This is a show dedicated to confessional poetry. If you are unfamiliar with the phrase, "confessional poems" are poems about real life experiences. Poems about life struggles, happiness, tears, life successes, relationships, the whole 9 yards! We want to hear about your messy life stories... in poem form!

A Few Guidelines...

My favorite poetry events also involve structure to help them run smoothly. So... I thought some guidelines would be helpful. Sign up, mingling, and ordering drinks is from 6-6:30pm. Poetry starts promptly at 6:30pm.


Starting in January, we will have a paid feature at each event! Rate of pay is dependent upon several factors including amount of social media posts and promotion, travel distance, and number of people feature brings to the show.

Amount may differ greatly from artist to artist. Poetry shows are a collaborative event between the host, featured poet, and venue with everyone working together for its success. Your pay is representative of this partnership.

Performance Videos and Pics

Due to the content shared during this event, please refrain from posting videos and pics on social media unless you obtain approval from each artist. This event is intended to be a safe space to share raw, vulnerable poems. Please respect the fact that not everyone wants their poems shared with the public at large.

Poetry Starts Promptly at 6:30pm

Out of respect for the poet, I ask that you place coffee and food drinks before 6:30pm. If you are in desperate need of coffee when poets are performing, definitely place your order! To keep things fresh and fun, please limit your poems to 3 minutes max. If your poems are short, less than a minute, bring 5 poems to share, otherwise limit your time to 5 minutes maximum.

PLEASE respect the time limit to be respectful to everyone. Your time begins when you start speaking. Your time includes any intro or final comments.

We will take a 10 minute break at 7pm and 7:40pm.

Poem Themes

No trigger warnings are necessary before reading poems. Participants should expect poets will explore themes of abuse, death, loss, violence, and controversial topics. No racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-semitism poems allowed. Cursing is supported if it improves the poetic quality of the poem. Please refrain from using profanity for shock value.

This is a FREE event, however we do suggest a donation of $5

Corporate Sponsorships

Artists, business owners and individuals who would like to promote their events or services may choose to sponsor an event. For a small fee, their business and services will be promoted in addition to being able to speak for 5 minutes about their services.

This is a free event however we do suggest a minimum donation of $5 to help with time and resources spent on promoting and hosting the event. If you are unable to provide a donation, no worries! If you would like to donate electronically, you may send payment to $SaraMinges on cashapp or 913-244-8786 on Zelle.

Hope to see you soon!



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