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Nashville's New Naked Toes (Bold, Brave) Poetry Show!

Welcome to the Naked Toes Poetry Show (formerly Bold, Brave Poetry). Many thanks to all who attended events in December and January! Each month our event keeps growing and I envision big things!

Why the name change? Because my beloved poem "Naked Toes" was written at a monthly open mic poetry show and I want to pay it forward!

Highlights from our shows:

  • December: Small, intimate and perfect! Lots of round robin poetry sharing and storytelling!

  • :January: Our feature Gina Carrillo (Black Widow) performed a new set with new poems specifically for the event. Participant size tripled, and we even had a musician share some lyrics.

  • Booked features through May:

- February: Silence Wordsmith, host of Writer's Wart open mic poetry event

- March: Kenny Plank, The Shoebox Poet, author of several poetry books

- April: Matt Novak ((itsmattawesome) host of Dead Inside Podcast

- May: Henry Jones, Poet Laureate of Hendersonville


  1. Plan for Traffic! You'll likely run into traffic on the interstate or city roads. Poetry starts right at 6:30pm. If you are stuck in traffic, or will not arrive by then, text 913-244-8786 if you want to be added to the list.

  2. Sign up is at 6:00pm, announcements and poetry start at 6:30pm.

  3. Feature starts at 6:35pm.

  4. Brief intermission between feature and open mic.

  5. No trigger warnings, expect poets to share raw, confessional poems. No poems idolizing suicide.

  6. Please consider buying a drink/food item to support Madtown Coffee.

  7. Donations appreciated, not required. A hat will be passed during the event.


  9. This is a safe, sacred space. Unless you are recording the feature, please do not take any videos or pics of other performers without their consent.

  10. Be respectful to the other poets. 5 minutes is not 6 minutes. Time yourself if you need to. Same goes for features.

  11. Please stay for the open mic portion of the event. So many of my favorite poems have been inspired by open mic performers. Plus, it spreads the poetry love around.

  12. Shoes are optional!

Sending poetry love to all!


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