Imperfect Stories Are Worth Sharing: Perfection Is A Fluke

"You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.” -Brene Brown

Each of us has an origin story, an imperfect story of redemption and hope. Did you notice I said imperfect? Accomplishments and awards matter because we worked hard and overcame obstacles to make it happen. We felt like giving up at least once or twice but we decided to persevere, even if others told us it would be impossible to achieve.

Sometimes, we fall flat on our faces, say the wrong thing, goof up or drop the ball. Most of the time, we survive it and can look back reminding ourselves it taught us a great life lesson and helped us to focus on how to do things better next time.

Striving for perfection is honorable, shows dedication to a task or project. We feel good about ourselves when we do great work. We also need to feel good about ourselves when things don't go according to plan or we fall short of expectations. Sometimes, the best, most engaging and fulfilling stories are random or happen when we made a mistake. Wrong elevator, wrong bus, missing a flight, getting lost, etc.

We need to remember success would not matter so much if we did everything perfectly the first time. Practice makes progress.


Somehow, we decided perfectionism should be the ideal to strive for. Let's look a step closer, is it actually perfectionism we crave or are we just trying to prevent others from judging us, somehow saying we are wrong or our actions are wrong. Rigid criticism never feels good and often makes us want to run for the hills, especially if we respect the person giving criticism. Hover, we cannot grow as people if we never allow a different perspective to come into our awareness.

If yo

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