Kicking off National Poetry Month: "Not My Shade of Rose"

April is National Poetry Awareness Month - a month for promoting poetry in cities and communities across the U.S. Similar to last year, most cities and communities have canceled or not resumed live, in person, poetry events. Poets often feed off of the energy in the room, the snaps, claps, foot stomping and smiles. There's really nothing like it. While poets have tried, some more successful than others, Zoom cannot truly capture this experience.

Yesterday, as a way to kick off Poetry Month, I posted one of my favorite poems, "Not My Shade of Rose". Previously published as "Not My Shade of Pink", this poem appeared in my first collection, Naked Toes (Chameleon Press, 2018). "Not My Shade of Rose" was inspired by the idea that roses are often given on Valentine's Day, anniversaries or sent as a form of apology, and are most often always red. While roses are my favorite flower, I'd love to receive pale lilac roses on a Wednesday, for no reason at all.

I encourage you to step outside your poetry comfort zone during the month of April. For you, this may include researching the work of a confessional or contemporary poet, posting a poem on social media, writing a new poem, or being ambitious and writing 30 poems in 30 days.. Enjoy the process, have fun with it, and stretch your brain muscles.


Sara Minges is 2019' Pitch KC's Best Poet Nominee. She's also an Award Winning Speaker, Author, Wellness Coach, poetry workshop facilitator and Founder of Wonder Woman Rising. Sara's 3rd collection of poetry, "Whiskey Sweet" is forthcoming in May, 2021, from Dark Heart Press (Long Beach, CA).

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